If tighty whities are your thing, then White Briefs will certainly give you the rush that you need. Hunky, jock-like men show off their gorgeous bodies and large erections while donning clean white briefs. A simply laid out blog with many different types of men showing off sexy underwear, it looks as though it's been around for some time now. Aside from the many ads in the sidebar, for cheap people like myself who are just looking for a good rush and a perverted peek at hot guys in their ginch, it's a veritable hunk heaven. The main menu runs at the top and takes us to several different parts of the blog. Amateurs can submit photos of themselves in their briefs, and others can review the images. In the event you really make a wave with your shots, polls can even be set up by the blogmaster for others to say how they feel anonymously. Again, for those of us who truly appreciate hot men in white underwear, White Briefs is sheer heaven indeed. Sometimes I wish there were more places like this online, but then again, we wouldn't appreciate blogs like this if there were, would we?

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