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I love UK Naked Men. Every couple of weeks they drag out the hottest hairy guy and place him right in the center of my computer screen. They feature a lot of other hot guys, but I love their hairy men the best. Vladi is the right combination of cuteness, hairy body, and thick uncut cock to drive me off the edge. He opens up his photo set wearing a tight swimsuit and sitting on the edge of a whirlpool. With his package covered up, we're left to study his sexy and well-built hairy body. He's just firm enough and the dark hair looks so sexy crawling all over his chest and belly. But when this young man sheds that bathing suit, my mouth practically hits my keyboard. It's a cock sucker's dream come true. Vladi wraps his small hands around his tick pole. He could easily use both hands and still have room for more. Folds of foreskin gather behind his fat cock head, and Vladi slowly strokes his meat, teasing and taunting us. And those heavy balls of his are packing a juicy load of cum and he's aching to cum. Watch him lie back on the edge of that whirlpool and shoot a load all over his hairy belly.

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