when the master's away

Leo Forte and Jason Miller are a couple of alpha slaves in this latest video from Bound Gods. It's a two-part flip flop fucking scene and this is the first segment. The master is away and Leo and Jason have been left alone in the house. While Jason is a good slave and does his chores, Leo decides that he wants to be bad.

Leo appears wearing his full leather gear and he subdues Jason and ties him up. Then Leo forces his fellow slave to suck his cock before flogging Jason's chest and working over his tits with some heavy-duty clips and clamps. Then he rigs up Jason in a very intricate and painful rope suspension. With Jason hanging from the rafters, he is forced to stand on an electrified grate. Leo's a real sadistic prick and laughs as Jason dances to avoid the painful electricity surging through his bare feet.

After crushing his balls in an electrified contraption, Leo canes Jason's bare ass. And then hanging in the bondage sling, Jason gets his ass fucked by his brother-slave's big cock. Now the thing is that as this scene ends, it's Jason's turn to work over Leo. Didn't Leo think of that when he was doling out his dose of nastiness? Tit for tat, right? We'll see. At the very least Leo runs the risk of the master finding out that he abused his slave. We'll see where this goes, but this scene is hot enough to stand on its own.

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