There's not enough fetish and BDSM sites around and it's always exciting to find a new one. Even more exciting is when we find one that isn't made by a large company or by a company at all, but is a very personal site made as a labor of love or even run as a hobby. Seeing bondage or spanking done by people who live the lifestyle rather than by pros or semi pros means it's the real thing - and even more than that! The energy on sites that are owned and operated by guys who live the fetish or dom/sub lifestyle is competely wonderful!

Take a site like Bear Bound. I sometimes talk with one of the guys who started this site - he goes to bondage parties and there really IS nothing he loves more than tying up a bear who is really into it. Eventually Bear Bound took on a life of its own and now the bondage is done by all sorts of men with experience and creativity when it comes to using ropes, duct tape and bandanas to restrain helpless and horny bears.

One of my favorite sites is a hobby site called Dungeon Bears. This is no corporate porn site - it's 100% owned and operated by a loving bear couple named Hugo and Steve who use the site share their lives and their kink with all of us. While their talents with a video camera and making a website is definitely on the amateur side, this site is for real. It's fun, funny, incredibly sexy and very intimate. You don't see many sites like this and I wish there were more of them.

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Recently we found 2 new very real and very amateur BDSM/bondage sites - Tie Guy UK and Slave Lads. Both of these sites are from the UK and are made by dominant mature men who love playing with their helpless slave boys and have a way with ropes. Slave Lads even has lessons on how to tie a rope harness. Sites like this invite us into the world of guys for whom bondage is not only sexy but is a lifestyle choice. While the sites are definitely not made by web professionals, the content is all the more real.

For those of us who prefer our punishment, domination and bondage to be the real thing rather than guys acting out a script or scenario, these amateur BDSM and bondage sites offer more than just porn. They offer sincerity and a love of bondage that communicates itself and makes the web - and their dungeon sites - a more personal expression of our sexuality.

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