There's a lot of straight guy sites out there that say their models are straight and only go gay for pay or they say their models were so horny they'd face fuck pretty much anyone. And yes, I do believe that when a guy is broke enough, curious enough or horny enough he'll try another guy once - just once - and still be considered straight. But what about if he comes back for more?

Carlos told the folks at New York Straight Men that he was totally straight. At the time, he had never had any kind of experiences with another guy. But he must have liked it, because he came back for seconds. Here he is a couple months later, having just filled Juan's mouth with his hot jizz.

Juan is NYSM's latest resident cocksucker, and he was more than happy to be broken in by Carlos - in fact, Juan had his lips wrapped around Carlos' rod before his pants were even off!


Juan was happy to service this horny straight guy - he licked him all over, his cock, his ass, his balls. He showed just how well he could tease those soft nuts with his warm tongue.


And soon Carlos lies back so Juan can do all the work. Yep, this is Carlos' second time with a guy, and this time he came looking for it. He says he's still straight - but I bet he'll be back again for another gay blowjob!


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