Fucking Twink

I'm not a big fan of twinks and young, skinny guys. I think about the only thing they're good for is polishing your shoes. But leather daddy Spencer Reed gives me some new ideas in this Bound Gods session. He picked young CJ off the streets and brings him back to his play dungeon. There, he ties the smooth guy up and flogs CJ into submission. With a red, stinging ass, CJ wonders what he's gotten himself into, but thankfully he's gagged, so we don't have to hear his complaining. Reed punishes the young guy further for not being able to maintain an erection. Spencer straps CJ to a metal rack with leather belts, and then, he clamps CJ's nipples with vibrating forceps. I love it when he turns the whole contraption on it's end so CJ's head is level with Reed's hard cock. The leather daddy fucks CJ's face. And before letting CJ go, Spencer flattens CJ's nuts with the ball vice and makes him blow his wad. With cum still dripping from his cock, CJ must endure a bondage fuck session. He tightened his ass in an attempt to get Spencer to blow his load quicker, but Spencer has pretty good control. He shoots his wad when he's good and ready!

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