Apparently a pint-sized, beaded dildo the size of a thistle being shoved up Cody Cumming's Ass is a really big fucking deal. Our friends at, however, don't think so:

"Finally, the gay-for-pay star Cody Cummings who has been making '[breakthroughs]' recently by kissing Rod Daily now has got his ass filled. This supposed big stint has Crissy Moon and Johnny Torque stuffing a buttplug up Cody Cumming's ass - a very small buttplug that any real gay man or many other gay-for-pay stars have no problem taking but it's a big deal for this guy."

Let's face it (and QPN does): Cody is an exceptionally good-looking man with a fantastic body. It's hard to dispute that. But his good looks and winning ways have also turned off a lot of people who find his narcissism and on-screen selfishness to be a huge turn-off. (Cody never services other male performers.)


Which raises an interesting point: Should we be upset at Cody Cummings (if we even are) - or, more directly, Next Door Studios, which funds, promotes and comes up with these things - for taunting us with his *cough* bisexuality or is the real problem the pornsumer who, by purchasing memberships to Cody's site, affirms Next Door Studios' decision to flaunt a very pristine version of bisexuality in our faces.

Discuss. (Via:

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