whats in a name

en·ig·mat·ic [en-ig-mat-ik} - adjective. mysterious or obscure.

Enigmatic Boys

is a site featuring horny 18 to 23 year old twinks from Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean. The boys here are smooth and attractive but what the site feels is enigmatic about the models is pretty unclear to me. And that brings me to my point. Site titles.

While some site titles make sense - Buzz West is the photographer and owner of his site and New York Straight Men and Bear Bound's titles certainly describe their sites - some site titles don't seem to really relate to the site itself.

In looking further into site names, I began to realize how many sites are named after either the photographer or the studio. Corbin Fisher, Hot Desert Knights, Falcon Studios and Lucas Entertainment are some of the better-known sites with titles that are more about who makes the content than who is in it or what the action is. Usually the porn in this kind of site has a similar flavor that ties it all together and once you know the look or feel of that particular site's content, you can count on it being pretty consistant.


Then there are sites named after the models, and this does make sense. Zeb Atlas, Pierre Fitch, Mark Wolff and Lexington Steele are site titles that are easy to remember as long as you can remember the name of the star of the site. And if you've already heard of the start - if they're a famous model or pornstar - the site name alone can make you decide whether to click.

And you can't beat a site title that describes the content. Names like UK Naked Men, Czech Boys, Naked Straight Guys and Gay Boys Feet are pretty easy to figure out. When you see them on a page, you know even before you go to the site what to expect.


But sometimes more fun are sites with titles that don't really express anything about the site - sites like Guys Divine, Shane Sixty, Blue Bell Guys and Hitmen. What the names of these sites have to do with their content is anyone's guess. There are no guys in black suits and sunglasses inside Hitmen and no godlike men inside Guys Divine - and what kind of men would go inside a site called Shane Sixty is anybody's guess ;)

Just like there's room for all sorts of porn, the web has plenty of room for all sorts of site names. That's part of what makes surfing porn fun - well, that and the hard cocks ;)

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