men in suits kissing

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man in suit sucking cock

Ben Brown's bright and new at Stellano, Inc. He's working at his laptop, looking pretty hot in his suit, when a handsome, bearded exec walks into the meeting room and starts laying papers out on the table. Ben's quizzes this man about what he's doing and eventually tells him he has to leave because Ben's already hosting a meeting in this room at 2 o'clock. The executive finally introduces himself as Mr. Stellano, the owner of the company. Ben is clearly flustered.

Junior starts asking Ben how long he's been at the company, and stuff like that. And Ben says that he's very eager to get ahead, he'll do whatever it takes to get on top. "Whatever it takes?" Junior says moving into Ben's personal space, their bodies inching ever closer together. It's one of those situations where Ben doesn't know whether the boss is just being an asshole or wants to kiss him. Ben doesn't have to wait long.

After some passionate kissing, Junior Stellano sits back in the chair and Ben shows him that he really is willing to do "whatever it takes." He slobbers all over Junior's stiff cock. Then Junior returns the favour. But Junior is really most interested in Ben's ass - and it is a hot one - so he bends his assistant over the desk and dives in with his tongue. Ben drops his trousers to the floor and lies back on the desk. The boss rims his hole some more and Ben looks so hot with his knee-high socks and shoes up in the air. Junior inches his stiff dick into Ben's hole and the assistant groans. Funny though, I thought Ben said he would do whatever it takes to "get on top." But I guess he's figured out that sometimes to get to the top, you've got to climb your way up from the bottom. And judging by the load of spunk the boss dumped all over Ben's ass, Ben's climb to the top is going to be an easy ride. Head over to Men at Play and watch the free preview video. It's fucking hot!

bearded man eating ass

bearded man eating ass

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hairy tattooed man fucking ass

hairy man fucking ass

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