What the Hell, You Only Live Once. What the Hell, You Only Live Once.

Last night, I watched an episode of CSI where the crime involved a man who liked to dress up in a rubber doll suit. And in the show, there was a bar where these rubberdollers hung out to explore and enjoy their fetish. It's a real thing, it's called rubberdolling, I kid you not. So today, as I watched this Bulldog Pit video with Bruno rubbing his face along Sergei's sneaker, I wondered about all the kinky things we gay men are into and how many of them go unexplored simply because we don't have access to like-minded people, or maybe because we're afraid to go looking for them and expose our quirkiness.

I suppose you could hop on Grindr or Scruff, or whatever the app of the moment is, and post a message: "Looking for a man to come over and let me suck his big toe." But somehow I think that you'll be sitting for a long time before you hear the ding from a guy who wants to come over and feed you his foot. I could be wrong.

But what if you were Sergei: you've just got home from a sweaty workout with your boyfriend, Bruno, and he suddenly drops to the floor and starts nuzzling your sneakers -- do you go with it? Do you let Bruno untie your sneakers and grab a snort? Or do you run screaming from the room? Do you let him pull your socks off so he can lick your feet? Do you recoil when he sucks your big toe? Or rubs his face scruff along your sensitive sole? If he's got a hot mouth and a tight butt, why not? Let Bruno have his fun, then fuck his hot little ass and call him a dirty pig boy. You only live once.

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