naked ice cream licker

Is being on your hands and knees forced to lick premium high butterfat ice cream (specifically Dulce de Leche) a punishment now? What's next, being forced to sleep on high thread count sateen sheets? Or ordered to lick the head of the giant beautiful cock of your loving husband? Or implored to walk barefoot on heated floors?

Which by the way, whenever I get out of the shower and the rest of the bathroom is cold I think, dammit Mariah Carey doesn't have to deal with this. She has heated floors. She has heated bathrooms. She has heated bananas. She doesn't have to eat a cold banana ever. Okay, strike that last one because neither do I. Really, I mainly eat room temperature bananas. Maybe sometimes I put them in oatmeal and cook them a bit which brings out the sweetness. What was I talking about?

Oh yeah, sweetness. Back to this ice cream slave. So here's the thing, if you would do it anyway, no dominant guy gets to claim credit for it. Though it's still fun to put your ass in the air. Just in general. I hear it makes ice cream taste better.

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