When you read some of the various sex fetishes out there, you sometimes sit back, in judgment, and wonder what drives these gooks. You shake your head, and think of how they are freaks, or just plain crazy. But are you right?

I mean just what is normal?

For example, a fetish is supposedly some mental disorder, that makes a person become sexually aroused only under those conditions. According to the shrinks S&M is partially associated with having a mental disorder, a disproportionate need for pain or for inflicting pain.

Now, perhaps I can see that, to a point, but what about Furries? They are those who like to get it on, while dressed up as animals, or Plushies who like the wearing of soft animal like costumes. It helps get them off, and yet in some head doctor circles, it is a fetish, a disorder.

So who made them the arbitrators of what is normal? What isn't?

I mean until 1973, they thought being a homosexual was a mental disorder, a disease. So today they think an attraction to balloons is one, or an affinity for being pissed on, is just not only weird, but obscene. So like who made them the judge of what is or isn't normal? Like do they even know what normal is, or are they simply parroting what some religious nut thinks is normal?

See, if you go back into history, things like masturbation were considered abnormal, were even considered a serious health risk. Now I am not making that up, but it was true. And then if you delve a bit deeper, you will find that the medical profession made that leap of faith, because some well noted shrink wrote a paper on it, saying it was so.

Funny thing about that guy, he based his paper on what the religious leaders of the time believed, not on any scientific fact, or truths. So this one guy influenced the entire medical profession, to make jerking off a disease, had laws passed to that effect, even had special pants designed and sold, so men couldn't play pocket pool.

So what is normal?

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