It is an interesting question, really. I mean there are a gazillion porn sites out there, and so, what is it that gets you all hot and bothered, to the point where you want to join a site, and stick around?

Is it the face, the cocks they show, or is it just the sex they show?

I always believed that what got me horny, was to think of being in that position, of imagining myself being one of those being shown, or talked about. In short, I would watch a video or flip through some pages, and imagine me going down on that particular model, or him going down on me.

Yet, the more I see of what is available out there, I don't know anymore. Some say you get bored, or get jaded from seeing too much porn, but I don't know, is it that, or is it that they all seem to follow the same formula?

Like there isn't anything to really spark your imagination, it seems. I mean you flick on the DVD and there they are, two guys or three, or even four, kissing, and touching, then BAM, they are sucking cocks, being fingered or fisted. Then again, another BAM and you see them screwing.

Now a cute guy, or a particular guy that you like, may spark something, but if you see him a thousand times, pulling his shirt over his head, then twisting a nipple, then tugging at the other guy's belt, then he's on his knees, sucking. How can that spark really get you off, like it used to?

Okay, there are a lot of new 'faces' that appear on some sites, in some videos. Some do take the same old actor, but put him into different situations, or use a different backdrop, but is that enough to make it fresh?

I wonder, are we becoming too complacent? Are we accepting the same old stuff, because well, there doesn't appear to anything different? Do we just jump on the fact that instead of a leather couch, it's cloth? I mean how many straight guys can we get off on, watching them on the same sofa, jacking their dicks? Doesn't it make you feel, well, cheated?

Maybe it is just being old, or something. I want some zest, some excitement in my sex. I know the wife changes hair color, to give a different look, and we look for different places to just kick back and neck. I mean it is different, I don't know, but damn it sure feels like I get harder quicker, and harder too, when things change.

Sure you can suck a dick only so many ways, can pound an ass in only so many positions, but how you get to that point, can be varied a thousand different ways, but in porn, it never seems to be that way. How often do you see a guy walk in, then you blink, and the guy is on his knees, naked, sucking?

Don't you want more? Or does it matter, because it is just someone you haven't seen before?

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