For those of us who prefer the naturalness of real guys next door over pornstars and professional models, the internet is a great place. Amateur porn has come into its own and suddenly we find ourselves with all sorts of choices. There are sites like New York Straight Men with their raw and gritty feel and wide variety of guys.

One of the more famous amateur sites around is Awol Marines, which caused quite a scandal a few years back because the site paid actual underpaid military guys to jack off on camera - or get blown by the cameraman. And then there are sites like Jake Cruise that not only use amateur models but also an amateur photographer who often gets into the action.

There's something about watching normal guys like your nextdoor neighbor sucking cock or getting fucked on camera that is particularly arousing. Pornstars - they have sex for a living. Seeing guys have sex because they love it is a whole different ballgame.


There are sites like Randy Blue, that offer well-groomed amateurs shot with professional lighting so that the guys seem almost like pro models - but aren't. These are fucking hot sites but the action doesn't seem as spontaneous as it does on some of the more obviously amateur sites.

Solo amateur sites like Whack It World are also very popular. What could be better than seeing a guy who you can tell at a glance has never done porn before as he nervously pulls out his cock and jacks off in front of a camera? It's stuff like this that make me glad I have an internet connection!

Another thing that amateur sites have to offer fans is being able to see guys in a particular area. Sites like can show you men who actually live nearby. You might even be able to spot a checker at your local grocery store or the guy from your gym on sites like these!

There are so many kinds of amateur porn out there now that it sometimes makes it hard to decide what you want to see next. But one thing is for sure - the internet has offered up plenty of opportunties for those who can't get enough amateur guys!

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