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And it's not just pussy! James Deen is a menschy straight porn star who has made about 1,400 movies and will soon be branching out into the mainstream co-starring with Lindsay Lohan in The Canyons. (He also just did MTV's No. 1 Teen Mom in the butt, but that's another blog!) The 27-year-old XBIZ Male Performer of the Year for 2013 is also a major foodie. He recently told Bon Appétit magazine, "I always said that I would be a food critic if porn didn't work out for me." And that's sort of the premise for his new online show, James Deen Loves Food.

In each episode of the series, the admitted fast-food junkie takes on various topics, much to his audience's epicurean delight. In recent shows, he has created the world's most expensive burrito (ingredients included caviar, lobster and champagne-infused guacamole), taste tested different brands of ketchup; eaten his first McRib (he's a virgin!); and visited the Malibu Café, where he interviewed the owner and gave his blessing to all the desserts on the menu.

As a food critic, Deen is more about gusto than good taste. And he eats like a typical straight slob (mouth open, food falling out and all over his face), but his humorous and offbeat take on a subject he is obviously passionate about makes it all worthwhile. In one episode from earlier this year, he re-creates the last meal of serial killer John Wayne Gacy (a bucket of KFC, a dozen fried shrimp, French fries and a pound of strawberries) and downs it in a mock jail cell. What's not to love!? Next time, just hand the stud a napkin! To watch James Deen Loves Food, click here.

James Dean Food

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