I wonder at times, why does so much porn, accentuate the pain aspect of sex? Is pain really a natural part of sex, or has the industry exaggerated it so that we assume it is? I mean there is an entire culture in Porn, dedicated to pain, either the inflicting of it, or the taking of it.

You know I kind of wonder if somehow, religion isn't partially to blame for the way people feel guilty about having sex, and actually enjoying it. As a result many look for the pain aspect of it, to sort of make it seem okay. Like somehow, it is a part of the act that allows them to accept the pleasure that sex gives them.

Now, that may sound weird, but then again, in many religious circles, it does seem logical, that pain is part of showing one's dedication, one's absolute commitment to their faith. I mean history is ripe with supposed episodes of where great heroes endured a lot of pain, to reach grace. Is that we are trying for when we like our butts whacked hard, while taking a dick up it?

Yet at the same time, ever notice how so much of what is considered 'alternative sex' is also listed as being possible mental disorders? Seriously, if you don't have what has been termed as 'vanilla sex' you run the risk of being thought of as a bit touched in the head.

It bugs me because there are things the wife & I do, that might cause some prude to not just blush, but think we are crazy. Yet I don't know, because to us it just seems natural, at the time. Then comes the guilt afterwards, and really, it makes me wonder if somehow, as kids we all got brainwashed into what is good, what isn't, and that too much good is just wrong. Now how can too much sex be wrong?

There is no way that I am advocating you run out and start having sex that includes fire play or some serious bondage stuff, where you get hurt, deliberately. Unless of course, that is your thing, but have you ever simply had sex, your way, without feeling guilty afterwards? On second thought, do you feel naughty, or feel satisfied and full? Honestly now, doesn't your conscience at times, make you feel just a tad uneasy, because you had such a good time having your ass pounded by that stud with the eleven inch dick?

Unless your hole is super stretched, any insertion past the muscle will give you a twinge, so is that some form of your body telling you it isn't natural to have stuff up your butt? Or simply a nice tight hole giving you advance warning of some serious pleasure?

After all, there is a whole sect of Monks or something, who are into whipping their backside, for atonement and I don't mean once in a blue moon either, but like nightly. Kind of makes you wonder a bit. Then too, what about the thrill some get from seeing another guy taking a piss. Is it simply that society frowns on it, that makes it attractive, or is there some deep seated mental craving that gets satisfied by such an act?

Religion says that excesses lead to damnation, but is that the truth, or is it more of a way for them to try and control their flock? Is there even an answer to all this, or are we simply victims of improper potty training? I mean what is it about sex, that gets everyone so hyped, so frothing at the mouth?

Does it hurt anyone if Joe & Jake enjoy trading whacks across the ass, or if John likes to have his legs tied up, and spread apart, while Harry pounds his ass with a big dildo? Does it really hurt anyone, or is it that the religious upbringing, most of have had, that makes us think it impacts us?

Sure, if I stuff my face every night, I will get fat, and I will have an upset stomach as well, and either stop over eating or not. Yet that is a result, after the fact, while with sex, it is during the act. Is that some sign that we should stop, or just me being a paranoid twat?

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