Have you ever noticed the number of sites that claim to have amateur porn? And none of them are the same style or photography quality yet somehow they're all supposedly amateur sites. So I decided to ask around. I asked friends, webmasters, even content producers and photographers and guess what - no one seems to agree on what the "amateur" is in amateur porn.

Take Corbin Fisher, for example. The full name of the site is actually Corbin Fisher's Amateur College Men and while some of the guys on the site really are first timers, some have returned to do more shoots. Now, I would be the last to argue that the guys here are hot. But are they amateur? The lighting and production values make pics and videos look at least semi-pro. In addition, the site looks pretty professionally made and only some of the guys are first timers. Hmmm... Let's consider this for a minute.

How about New York Straight Men? I consider this an amateur site as it's shot in an apartment, lighting is amateur and at least some of the guys are first timers and look it. What's more, there's no professional hairstylist or clothing person, and this adds to the amateur look. On the other hand, the photographer by now knows exactly where to point his camera EVERY time. So this is another hmmmmm.


Most of my friends said no, NYSM is not an amateur site. They also feel that sites like Blake Mason, that feature mostly guys who have never even considered doing a video before - and probably will never do it again in most cases - are still not amateur porn. A lot of them felt that a real amateur site is homemade porn made by someone with no idea of making money. While I do occasionally see sites like this, there are some that still try and make sales. Dungeon Bears is self-shot videos that take us into this real-life couple's life and bedroom. And Steve Dungeon is a look into the life and slaves of a Master who seems pretty amateur and real to me. I think they just have to qualify as amateur porn!

For me, it's amateur porn if there's an overall feeling that the people working on the porn aren't professionals. Yes, I know that some guys in very professional sites are getting naked and jacking off in front of a camera for the first time. And yes, they are amateurs. But an amateur site should have a casual look, not a perfect or sophisticated feel. The lighting and photography isn't perfect in this kind of site but for me, that's all the better. And obviously a guy with his own camcorder at home is amateur porn but what about You Love Jack? They give the camcorder to the models and have them shoot themselves where ever they wish.


I guess amateur porn, like beauty, is in the eyes of the beholder but one thing's for sure - there's something really hot about guys jacking off or getting sucked on camera for the very first time - whether we call their videos amateur or not!

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