People talk a lot about fetishes and there are some very popular fetishes in porn but a lot of people use the word "fetish" when they are talking about BDSM or bondage. So what is a fetish? The dictionary definition of fetish is "Something, such as a material object or a nonsexual part of the body, that arouses sexual desire and may become necessary for sexual gratification."

Some examples of sexual fetishes incude guys who are turned on by armpits or feet or seeing guys in certain kinds of clothing. Some fetishes, like a foot fetish, leather fetish or rubber fetish are fairly common. Many people are turned on by feet or by seeing guys encased in tight latex or wearing tight white briefs. Other fetishes include being turned on by belly buttons or hairy chests.

One thing for sure - the internet is a great place to satisfy all kinds of fetishes. While you may not be able to find content of men wearing suits or armpit videos easily from your local bookstore, sites like Men at Play and ArmPits have you covered without leaving your home. And there are plenty of foot fetish sites and even foot fetish communities, including sites like Foot Friends and My Friends Feet. Fetishes are so popular on the web that megasites like Randy Blue offer foot and sock fetish pic sets.

Some fetishes are a lot harder to fulfill than others. Guys who love seeing men in speedos and tight stretchy clothes won't find many offerings, although we have found a couple sites to satisfy those cravings - Speedo Pics and Men in Spandex specialize in tight athletic clothes, speedos and men in other similar clothes.

While there are many guys who love the look of a men wearing leather, latex or plastic, there aren't many sites out there showing guys in fetish clothes. You can usually find fetish attire at BDSM and bondage sites. Boys Sado Maso features twinks in leather and tight shiny latex giving and receiving spankings and other erotic punishment.

One thing for sure - there are hundreds of fetishes out there, some overtly sexual and some that wouldn't seem sexual to most people. But one thing is sure - fetish websites are great ways to explore, enjoy one's sexuality and even add a little zest to your own sex life!

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