Do you have an irrational fear of something? I mean are there things out there that scare you, that make you tremble, or get into a cold sweat? Think it is simply because, well stuff is scary, or maybe you are suffering from some phobia? It is possible, after all it seems that Head Doctors have a phobia for just about anything that gets you nervous. Hey, they gotta pay for those leather couches, when they aren't taking a nap.

I mean there seems to be a psychiatric phobia for just about anything someone is afraid of, that is irrational or some sort of mental disorder. Now, what, simply because I am gay, am I also suffering from Gynophobia? (fear of women)

I mean, yeah I know a few women that would frighten any sane person, but do I fear them just because I am a Homosexual?

Which brings up how we coin words to suit something, such as Homophobia. It is the irrational fear of Homosexuals, which is you and me, but let's be honest. That is nothing more than medical clap trap to excuse Racism. By the way, check out what the meaning of Racism is, the irrational fear and/or hatred of some group, or minority. And that is different from Homophobia how Doctor Shrink?

Then there is the lovely Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia which is an actual phobia, meaning the fear of the number 666. Not the Devil or Satan, but just a fear of the three digit number itself. Now isn't that worthy of study?

'Course there are some rather real phobias out there, that can be quite hard to live with. Yet I wonder, just how real are some of these fears? Like Phagophobia which is the fear of swallowing. Now think about that, how in the hell does anyone survive that one, because if you don't swallow, you don't eat, you don't drink, so what, you walk around with an IV stuck in your arm feeding yourself?

Do you worry about getting sick? I mean does it cross your mind a lot, that you might get some disease? Careful, because you may have Nosophobia. I am serious, you could already have that disease you are so worried about, but you need to have it confirmed by a Shrink. What is their going rate these days? Couple of hundred an hour?

Oh wait now, do you have a fear of Lesbian Women? That could be, not because your are Homophobic, but you have a phobia, an unnatural fear, of Lesbians. Has nothing to do with being a racist or judgmental, just that you are Lesbophobic. Oh I ain't making that one up, it is an actual phobia.

Maybe you are a neat freak? Don't you just hate having dog hairs or other lint on your clothes? Well don't worry about it, you are simply suffering from Trichophobia. Dislike certain animals like sharks or snakes or some other beast? Hey don't think you are an animal hater, you are suffering from some phobia or other, or in general you are simply Zoophobic. Now there, doesn't that make you feel better?

Mind you, I do have to admit, I do get very nervous whenever the wife and I go out. I really get tight chested, and even break out into a cold sweat, fearing that somehow my cellular phone might be out of service range, or worse, if I left it at home. I am such a Nomophobic, it isn't funny. NOT!

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