I was talking to a couple friends about porn - or, more specifically, porn sites. One of my friends has joined a few gay porn sites, and has had some pretty bad luck. The sites he's joined tend to have slick, professional tours and not much in the member area. My other buddy has had better luck, but has twice joined sites with virtually nothing to offer but leased gay feeds.


I know exactly what they went through, and so do a lot of guys. I recently reviewed a couple sites that have really nice tours showing some very hot guys, but not only did the member areas have little to offer - those particular hot guys weren't anywhere to be found.

On the other hand, I've reviewed sites like Corbin Fisher and Buzz West that show the models and the exact layout of the member area. In fact, their member areas and tours look almost identical, and I think this is a very good thing.

A site that at least shows you each model lets you know the quality of models to be found inside the site as well as how many models are there.

A guy looking for a site that will keep him busy for several hours a week isn't going to be pleased to discover that the member area of the site he just forked $29.95 over to join doesn't have anywhere near as much content as their tour made it sound like. I think most of us want good value for our money - it only makes sense.

But something else that bothers me is when a site has a few really hot and muscular guys, all shown in the tour, and the rest of the guys - not shown in the tour - are just not the kind of men the tour showed me or talked about. That's why sites that show all their models in the tour make me a happy camper. Whether the sites are big or small, showing us all or most of what they've got in the member area.


And the good news is that some of the new sites around, like Dixter or You Love Jack seem to be getting the message. Of course, there are others out there who continue to hide what theri member area really has to offer behind a sleek sexy tour that doesn't really tell us anything - but I guess that's what review sites are for.


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