Now that Thanksgiving is a distant, gauzy and horrible memory once more (yay, we get to slaughter an animal the size of big pillow!) and a sufficient level of my cholesterol has shrunk in size that it can now be dealt with successfully on mere dialysis, I want to raise an issue that has probably crossed many of your minds at some point in your gay porn travels: Why DO Japanese men have a fixation on the pectoralis major muscle group?

I know it would be terribly unscientific of me to categorize an entire nation's sexual tastes based on one cheaply made scene from a Japanese gay porn but forgive me while I do exactly that. I mean, do I need to trot out anything more than a casual observation - specifically from this clip - to suggest that Japanese gay porn puts a much higher premium on chest play than, say, Americans do? And why is that? I wouldn't want to suggest that it's more feminized - caressing, kissing, etc. a breast - or that somehow the Japanese have integrated their genders better, but it definitely lacks that aggressiveness we Americans have come to appreciate it in, say, our, "Saw" videos.

Chest and nipple play at Pexual

In fact, entire industries in Japan are built around the entire nipple/sphincter axis probably because a) it feels so fucking good for the models and, in turn, for the viewers and b) arousing one's thorax doesn't quite have the same sexual humph most viewers are looking for. But the Japanese have mastered the whole chest fixation in a way that few countries have mastered, say, steel or farm-raised Tilapia.

I've actually always kind of liked that: chest play. For one, it's kind of hot. There's something so staged about sex in gay porn anyway that it's nice to see two guys - or even a group of guys - enjoy a little something before the show. It also helps the actors involved by bringing in one more tool in the foreplay arsenal not to mention most guys like to have their nipples sucked on. I mean, that is what they're for, right? Sucking?

So while they aren't exactly the founders of gay sex, they can definitely boast - at least in this video - that chest play is theirs for the taking.

(This opus on Japanese nipple play is dedicated to Leslie Nielsen, 1926-2010, a man known to have loved to have his nipple tweaked on occasion.)

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