Wow! Justin Woods showed up at Bear Films this week and stole my heart. What a sexy, fucking man. And he's a big one, standing 6'3" and weighing in at 220. This 35-year-old hairy man lives in Atlanta, Georgia. And although he's got a shaved head (and I love bald men) I think I really prefer this look with the baseball cap. It softens him up, makes him look a little more playful. Unfortunately judging by his profile, Justin and I probably aren't destined to be together -- I'm a talented and enthusiastic cocksucker, he says. Well shit. I'm a talented and enthusiastic cock sucker, too! Now that doesn't mean we couldn't have fun, I'm sure. But when you get two cock hungry men together, you often end up with a fight for the bottom, and that can be fun, but at the same time a little frustrating. Still I sure wouldn't mind trying. You won't want to miss seeing more of this big, hairy hunk of man.

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