When I first saw Nick, my first thought - after I realized that my jaw had dropped - was "Oh, my god!"

Nick from Latin Jocks is one spectacular hunk of man. His beautiful physique is lean and muscled. His abs are sculpted and I'd say every bit of him is perfect. His shoulders and arms are muscular without crossing the line to too big, his chest and obliques are strong and chiselled - and get this. Nick sports a 9 inch uncut cock! A light tan and confident posture make Nick very attractive - he has the kind of body that make both men and women turn their heads to watch him as he walks by on the street.

Not only has he got a killer bod, but Nick also has a naturally macho attitude and a talent for teasing. On camera, he knew just what piece of clothing to pull down to get the maximum effect.


Nick is as gorgeous from behind as he is from the front. His bulging shoulders and muscled back are eye catching. His slender waist and firm, rounded ass are superb.


And while his body is worth drooling over, don't forget Nick's thick, uncut 9 incher! Once it's hard, the foreskin pulls back to reveal the shiny head and his rod bends to the right. That's certainly more than a mouthful!


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