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Hot-bodied Troy, is a 19-year-old diver who took it all off for Corbin Fisher back in March. This time he's back and diving right in (sorry, I couldn't resist ... well, I could have, but I didn't want to). Troy has never fucked another guy, so this is going to be exciting on two fronts: Troy's first guy-on-guy sex experience, and dick hound Travis breaking in a new guy and showing him how hot an ass can feel. And Travis seems to get an extra charge out of knowing that he's the first to do certain things with a guy. Not only has Troy never fucked a guy, but he's never kissed one, in fact, he's never touched another nude guy before. And this gets Travis really turned on. With the interviews over, Troy is lying back on the bed and his rock hard dick is being expertly sucked by Travis. Troy is liking every second of it. And after a superb blowjob, Troy doesn't hesitate when it's his turn to stroke and suck Travis. It's like he wants to make sure that Travis feels as good as he did only moments before. After sucking his first cock, Troy has Travis bent over the side of the bed and is sliding his dick into his hole. Troy hesitates a bit at first, but slowly he pumps harder and harder until the sound of flesh slapping flesh is loud. "You like that?!" Travis moans a couple times. And this just gets Troy revved up even more. With Travis riding his cock, Troy reaches around and jacks off his new found buddy, and then, Troy blasts his loud into Travis's hungry mouth. What a first time!

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