This was my first glimpse of Ron from Varsity Men. He's a Czech guy and a competitive swimmer, and I guess explains his lean, defined and very athletic build. Those cut abs, hairy chest and just a hint of a treasure trail leading to crisp white briefs got my interest. I especially liked the muscular shape of his pecs and arms, firm but not muscle-bound. Are you drooling yet? I wouldn't blame you... And believe me, as Ron undresses, things only get better!

You might not expect such a fit guy to have such a rounded ass, but Ron's butt is definitely well-shaped, round and very squeezable looking.


Ron also has a beautiful uncut cock, and this fucking HOT pic - with his rod hard and his foreskin pulled back - shows a single drop of pre-cum as it slides down the head of his dick.


Finally Ron wraps his fingers around his cock and strokes it for the Varsity Men photographer. This pic shows off his erection and also his furry chest and legs with a peak at his unshaven pubes. Man, Ron is one of the sexiest men I've seen in a long time!


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