Wet And Horny Cocksucking Trio

Hayden, Jake and Jason had the pleasure of enjoying an incredibly sunny day in Spain for this shoot with English Lads. After some horsing around, the lads got brave and stripped down completely naked. On such a hot day as this, I don't think they needed much incentive to pull it off. One of them grabs a hose and starts spraying his playmates with cold water. The giggling begins and the next thing you know they're all totally soaked. All this exercise and fun has done something to their moods apparently - all three boys are horny as hell now. As soon as Hayden puts a cock in his mouth, he gets hard. It seems to be a constant with him. Jake is immediately erect as soon as someone touches his man meat. Jason's hard rod soon joins the party and a threeway suck session soon ensues. From stripping to water play to dick swallowing. What a day it was, indeed!

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