Tattooed Guy

I love everything about Jay. At first, when he's wearing his jeans and a long-sleeved shirt, he looks like your average guy - good-looking; close-cropped head; blue eyes; beautiful, kissable lips; and a couple of day's of face scruff. He'd definitely turn more than a few heads as he walks down the street. And then, Jay lifts his shirt to rub his belly; a snake's tail swirls around his navel and crawls off across his belly and disappears around his side. He opens his jeans zipper and starts playing with his cock. As he turns around, we see a massive tattoo on his back - it's a huge, seven-head snake. (I don't know if I'd want to wake up every morning with that staring me in the face, but I sure wouldn't mind waking up next to Jay.) And Jay has a cute butt, too - compact, firm, and smooth. As Jay pumps his cock in his fist, it continues to swell until we're face with a 9.5-inch monster. He's jacking off outside in the garden with his jeans around his ankles. And they have a long way to fall, he's a 6'5", 29-year-old guy. I do hope the UK Naked Men is going to have him back again.

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