Well Hung Hairy Guy

Colt is a well-hung hairy guy who has appeared on Perfect Guyz before. His big cock was so popular that they asked him back to jack off with a Fleshlight. That's one of those tubes that has an opening shaped like a butt hole or a vagina and the guy slides his hard cock inside. I've never tried one myself, but I can imagine they must feel pretty hot wrapped around your cock. Colt laughed a bit when the Perfect Guyz men handed him the toy and asked him to use it, but once he slid his hard 9-inch cock inside, he was in ecstasy. He couldn't believe how good it felt. At one point during the scene, he smiled at the camera and said. 'I have to get myself one of these.' Thankfully he only used the Fleshlight to warm up and get him to the edge. You never want to miss a Colt cum shot. I've never seen a man who cums as much as he does. His entire torso is covered. He sprays jets of juicy and watery cum all the way up onto his hairy chest and coats everything inbetween. It is quite the scene to watch.

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