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Hay Martinez has pulled his big cock out fro Extra Big Dicks several times (five times in total I think) but this time he's taken a walk over to EBD's brother site, Circle Jerk Boys to dump another load of his Cuban juice. Extra Big Dicks snagged this muscular stud just after his eighteenth birthday, but it's a year later and this over-sized, 19-year-old old is still hot to show of his 8-inch dick. As much as they've tried Circle Jerk Boys and Extra Big Dicks haven't been able to convince him to play hide the sausage with any of their guys, it's been a no-go -- this Cuban stud is straight as they come. But they have managed -- with the help of Ben Franklin and a few of his twin brothers -- to convince Jay to do a duo and trio side-by-side jack off session with a couple of other straight guys. And I'm more than happy to watch him pulling on his thick, uncut cock. In this video Jay sits down on the floor in a locker room and splatters a thick load all over his smooth abs. But it doesn't matter which site you choose because either one gives you access to the other (and three more, too). So you'll be able to watch all of Jay's sizzling jack off sessions on both sites.

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