Wow! What a hot guy. Chris is just a sample of why I love Ebony D so much. They feature some of the most good-looking and well-built black men I've seen anywhere. And Chris has exactly the kind of body that gets me going -- strong upper body with rounded shoulders, hard pecs, flared shoulders descending to a slim waistline, and completely smooth. And look at that six pack of abs -- I know "WOOF" is usually reserved for bears, but it's appropriate here. Turn Chris around and you won't be disappointed either; he's got an amazing butt. But since I love kissing so much, I guess I love Chris's lips the best -- beautiful, full, luscious, kissable lips -- wouldn't you love to get lost in a long kissing session with him? I know I would. And Chris has a respectably-size cock, complete with a shaved set of nuts.

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