The first thing I thought of when I saw this pic of Tony from Varsity Men was that the pic looked like some kind of classic male centerfold photo. Well, okay, I admit it - that was the second thing I though. The FIRST thing I thought when I saw this pic of Tony was "Damn, this guy is gorgeous!" Handsome and tanned with a big tribal tattoo on one arm, I got hot checking out his full lips, the way the white towel looks against his skin, and seeing his round ass made me want more - more of Tony!

Luckily for my peace of mind, the photographer obviously felt the same way. The next pic, shows more of Tony's big dark eyes and that tan body in crisp, form-fitting white briefs

Next came Tony just the way I'd like to see him the most in real life - naked on a bed, his cock hard and his eyes seeming to look right at me.


As a perfect climax to one hot fucking set, Tony is still on the bed, and as he looks down he strokes his cock - and I really wish I was there to lend a helping hand. One thing for sure - Tony is a man who is really worth looking at!

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