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Filming gay porn doesn't come without its frustrations. Adam is a good example of that. Adam fell into my e-mail box one day with some audition photos. He's a sexy, 28-year-old, bald man with a 9-inch cock. Now what porn producer doesn't like a 9-inch dick? My mind starting rolling through the horny bottoms that I've filmed over the past couple of years - who could I best get to make this huge dick disappear up his ass?

This is where the frustrating part comes in. When I got together with Adam to film a solo session, I learned that he is quite straight. He has no interest in playing with guys, and while he might not turn down a blowjob from a guy in restroom somewhere, he's certainly not interested in doing it on film. Damn!

I don't very often film straight men on Butch Dixon. I don't have anything against them, but Butch Dixon just isn't that kind of gay porn site. When I started the site I wanted it to be a place where horny men could watch masculine, hairy, gay men getting off together. So I made it a sort of rule for myself to shun the straight applicants. But when I saw Adam's long and sturdy cock combined with his beefy build and bald head, I just had to put him on the site. Straight or gay, Adam is a Butch Dixon man. I just wish I could convince him to go a little further. I'll keep working on him. Sometimes you just have to plant the seed in a man's head and let it take root.

I just posted his jerk-off video on the site and it's a hot one. Not only will you get to watch this horny straight man double fisting his cock, but you'll get to hear his huge cumshot thud to the floor with a resounding FLOP! Sometimes it all works out in the end.


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