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I reviewed two muscle hunk sites last week and they were quite different, but each hot in their own way. Legend Men is a beautiful site with even more gorgeous muscle men and bodybuilders. The thing I loved most about this site is that the producer lets the men be who they are. So if a guy has chest hair and face scruff that's the way he's filmed, if he's smooth, that's okay, too. There are a lot of really handsome, masculine men here and I was so enthralled and turned on watching their videos that I had a hard time cutting my viewing short so I could write the site review. Well worth looking at his one.


Maskurbate was one of those sites that pissed me off because they featured a lot of sexy men getting handjobs, blowjobs, and even sucking and fucking in hardcore sex, but suddenly out of the blue they stopped updating. A couple of months back Maskurbate overhauled it's site with a new designed and started uploading new scenes and they've been updating consistently since the beginning of December. The men on the site have had a fantasy about doing porn and even getting their dicks sucked on camera (even though they're straight) but never wanted to review their identities, so the masks are an appropriate and hot solution. I'm glad this site is back.

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