We Love Nudes is a spin-off of the very successful We Love Guys blog, just racier and with more good old fashioned male nudity. Can I hear a "Yes!"? The guys in these videos and photographic episodes are pretty much universally gorgeous. The blog uses guys who go from "normal boy next door" studs to supremely sculpted athletes and body builders, models, actors and general Male Eye Candy of the first order. The "racier" aspect separating this blog from We Love Guys, naturally enough, deals with the full-frontal nudity aspect of men romping and posing entirely and breath-takingly naked. Some scenes feature more than one hunk with another but, in general, the "adult" aspect deals with the cock and balls, displayed perfectly. This should not disappoint anyone who admires the male form - and I am positive it does not. The selected subjects are extremely arousing to look at and the videos are of excellent quality and even duration. One can sure 'nuff spend a lot of time in this gorgeous blog, checking the "junk" of all sorts of different famous and not-so-famous studs. I know I did!

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