We Love Guys is totally appropriately-named. These folks really do love guys! It shows in the lavish attention paid to each subject they feature, with abundant pictures of mostly young models posed in a wide and supremely interesting variety of poses. The pictures tend to be very professional - of exceptional clarity and posed in sometimes bizarre, yet always-interesting ways. These are yet more Man Candy of a world class nature. These young men might just be the most impossibly hot-looking studs in the entire Galaxy and I am not making this up. There is literal perfection here, I swear. Looking at the first model I ran across - the sizzling Domiano Frascaroli - is to visit an ass that slopes like some ski run, ripe for jumping off of, delicious-looking washboard abs, strongly-muscled arms and chest and skin of satiny perfection. His heavily-lidded eyes are even of a piece, sultry, somewhat innocent and promising as hell. The obvious care this site puts into its photographs shows us a strict intolerance for anything approaching unattractive. There is honestly nothing "normal" in here. These guys are the best of the very best.

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