Black_Attack.jpgWarning: There is a menace out there more threatening than Communism, more destabilizing to world order than Taylor Lautner shirtless and more of a risk to the entire world financial system than Jewel Quest. And soon it will have the potential of seeping into every gay man's porn library. You can run but you can't hide from "Black Attack" "Black Attack" is the latest, greatest and scorchingly hottest production from Brazilian penile auteur Alexander Pictures which promises to do for black men from Brazil what Judy Garland did for pills and alcohol!

"Black Attack features some of the biggest black dicks that Brazil has to offer finding their way into some of the sweetest ass to be found. From the first foreskin covered prick to the last, there isn't a moment wasted. You will enjoy seeing some of Alexander's regulars getting sticky and sated with some new faces and the beautiful bodies they adorn. Leave the remote on the table for this one and just sit back and enjoy the show."

This all-star cast features Alexander Pictures' favorites Renato Morales and Gustavo Alves along with a Brazilian bait bus of young, preternaturally hung Latinos that can't seem to get enough of the chocolate caravan. And if you think those black exploitation films of the 1970s were hot - Uh, hello? Can you say: "Shaft?" - get ready to Google "new sheets" as you cum under attack. "Black Attack"

To order your copy of "Black Attack!" click here. Or risk being eaten alive!

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