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If you're going to hang around washrooms looking for sex, you'd better be prepared to take the good with the bad. It's not always one meaty cock after another. Dean Tucker is a dirty boy who loves hanging around public washrooms. But after his Bound Gods encounter today, he might consider finding himself a new hobby. His luck runs out when runs into police officer Tyler Saint. Tyler cuffs the cock sucker on the spot and frisks him for weapons or stolen contraband. But Dean's hard cock is the only thing Office Saint finds. Saint grabs Tucker by the balls and brings him to his knees. He binds the washroom whore's hands and feet and makes him crawl across the tiled floor, all the while whacking his sensitive butt cheeks with a riding crop. Tyler suspends Dean inside a toilet stall and feeds the cock sucker 8.5 inches of hard cop cock. Then the cop bends Tucker over and pushes his head inside a urinal and finishes this cock pig off with a big juicy load of copper cum!

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