Washroom Blowjob

Paul posed for Buk Buddies a few weeks back. He's a bearish dude with hot tattoos all over his body, and he's got a sexy bearded face. He was interested in trying a little guy-on-guy action, but only with a guy who was as macho as he is. Hans sprung to mind. Hans has just turned 30 and he works hard on his body - massive biceps and tight, ripped abs.The two guys head into the washroom and start scrubbing down the tiles. But very quickly they're more interested in getting it on. Bare chested, they start stripping out of their clothes, and then, Hans shoves his uncut 7 cock into Paul's mouth. Then Paul pops his fat uncut bone in Hans' face looking to see what a guy's mouth feels like on his cock. Now they're both horny and looking for more, so they lie down on the washroom floor and get into a hot 69 cock sucking session. Hans ends up squatting over Paul and fucking his mouth. This sends both guys over the edge and Hans jacks off all over Paul's hairy chest.

69 Cock Sucking

69 Cock Sucking

Guys Jacking Off

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