This is how photographer Walter Kurtz descibes himself: "When I'm not studying bipedal locomotion of the greater (and lesser) primates of the Southeastern Rhodesian basin, I can occasionally be spotted taking pictures of the men and women who are foolish enough to venture into my dark and foreboding lair."

Walter may consider his photography subjects as foolish, however, they are nothing short of gorgeous. My favourite male would be Stephen. This guy is one extremely hot Daddy let me tell you. However, Walter has great taste when it comes to human beauty, period, and adorning his site are some very lovely people. I'm sure members of both sexes, regardless of sexual orientation, can appreciate the outstanding aesthetics of Walter's models. Of course, what our photographer does with the photos themselves in order to bring out such sensual detail is pure beauty in itself. The only downfall to this site is the photos are of a very high quality. Thus, it takes a few seconds for them to load up. However, if you just want to see some fantastic photography featuring wonderful looking people, then it's worth waiting a few extra seconds.

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