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Wally's World Blog gives you your daily dose of muscle men, muscle worship, military muscle and more. Kicking me off with a flash of smooth, toned chest was Trenton Ducati a model for the Colt Studio group. Wow, what a wanger! Then came Tony Rivera from Men at Play. Nice. You know Mitch Vaughn? Does some very nice hardcore scenes for Cock Sure Men? No? Well, go and take a look. If you want muscled porn actors and shots from their movies, links to their sites and information about what they are doing, and who they are doing, then this blog will fill you in.

There are adverts leading you off to sites of interest as well, but these are neatly arranged to one side so you can use them if you want, but you don't feel overwhelmed by them. You will find that the pics and articles themselves will link you off to sites and you might be tempted to sign up. That's fine, this is a trusted blog and you don't pay out any money unless you want to. It's a good resource for anyone who wants to check out some detail about guys who fall into the hunk and body-worship category. That done, you can go and sign up to a site for more.

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