voyeur picture man showering

Sneaky Peek and their pervy ways has secretly put this hidden camera in this sexy dude's - and his roomies' - bathroom. Not only that, but they managed to sneak it into the shower itself. As we can plainly see after watching an episode or two, these guys are definitely a horny bunch. The well-placed camera catches them stripping, pissing and setting the shower up, then getting inside those curtains, lathering up, and enjoying the warm water. Around 90% of the time, we get to see some bloke, such as this hot guy, getting his cock all hard as a fucking rock and then having himself a jerk off party. And let's be honest: there is something especially cool about watching sexy guys jacking off in private. We dig watching their cocks grow, watching them be unable to keep from playing, then watching them get more and more serious about needing to let it all "go", cumming all over their hands and the curtain and moaning in the ultimate satisfaction. This is some fucking hot stuff!

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