COLT man Mitch Branson was appearing last week in Las Vegas for the Hustlaball's VIP Lounge representing COLT and our VOD partners at www.Gaydemon.TV at Vegas' hottest gay club Krave. My good friend Bill Higgins (who runs the club) always invites me to the club, but I never seem to have time to get away for the convention - this year I didn't go...The only thing I didn't miss it seems is that awful smell as you walk into the Venetian that smells like candy cigarette smoke!

Here are some photos from the night's event along with many of the industry's who's who...Can you guess who all these folk are who are posing with Mitch? I only know a few..Drag Directress Ms. Chi Chi LaRue and our very own cutie Dean Phoenix...




To see much more of COLT man Mitch Branson you can visit his website, buy his newest release HAWAI'I, listen to his very own composed music CD, watch his live-cam or just show up at his next COLTbar appearance. It's up to you!

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