Vito Gallo arrested after allegedly attacking Michael Lucas

Times are tough across the board. Even the gay porn industry is taking a hit, as its performers are getting fewer assignments. The ex-navy seaman turned gay porn performer Richard Caswell (aka Vito Gallo) was apparently frustrated he wasn't getting enough work. He is under exclusive contract with Lucas Entertainment, at a reported salary of $1500 per film.

The former 2012 Mr. New York Gay Escort, Caswell stormed into Lucas Entertainment and allegedly attacked Michael Lucas. Video the footage appears to show Caswell, wearing a hot-pink T-shirt, push and strike Lucas in the neck and shoulder.

Says Michael Lucas "He just stormed into our offices and started beating people up. Several people locked themselves into the editing suite. You had to see his eyes the veins bulging on his forehead. It was scary."

We were using him all the time," continues Lucas. "He's very popular, he's very good looking and he's one of my top four performers. We'd love him to return if he goes through very serious anger management and see a shrink."

Caswell was not charged with assault, but with trespassing. He turned down a deal that would allow him plead guilty for disorderly conduct if he went to anger management courses.

Leaving court all Caswell would say is "Wearing pink to jail isn't ideal, I got a lot of looks. It was a nightmare." His lawyer declined to comment as well.

In November of 2012 Caswell told a navy chaplain his sexual orientation. Shortly afterwards he received an honorable discharge from the Navy. President Obama would abolish the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy ten months later.

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