Even as person who dabbles in web design, recent media formats, and gets around the net a lot, I still get dumbfounded at some of the things I come across. VirtuaGuyHD offers a free, as well as premium, service that is to say the least...unique. Virtual male strippers for your desktop. How about that? Talk about the perfect looking men too. Wow! They're computer generated so they would pretty much have to be flawless right? Upon entering the front page, you certainly can't miss the download link to your right. Just for kicks, I downloaded the free version and checked it out.

I can attest that it's clean and caused no problems on my PC. I was greeted by a very handsome and hairy man who was naked from the waist up. I tried to get him to take off more, however, that is what the paid service offers. Still though, having some really hot stud talk to you like you're gold - and yes they do that - even if they aren't complete naked, can't be all bad. He He. There were a few bugs in the software such as the odd stutter here and there, but that could have been my machine.

Go have some fun!

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