What you are looking at here is a 100% virgin ass being penetrated and ploughed for the first time at Bang Bang Boys. Stanley has sucked cock before, and he's had his cock sucked - he's even messed around with a little rimming. But somehow he never got fucked. It just didn't happen - his tight ass remained unpenetrated till today. And he's not getting that cherry poppped by just anyone. He's being broken in by very masculine stud Marcio Pitbull, and Marcio is definitely not holding back!

Marcio gets Stanley ready for what is to come by sucking his man meat, and does he ever know his way around a cock! He slurps on Stanley's rigid tool, lips and tongue teasing.


And once Stanley is horny as hell and really loosened up, Marcia pulls out a dildo and shoves it into Stanley's virgin hole. Stanley adjusts gradually to the feeling of his ass being stretched and filled...


And then Marcio replaces the sex toy with his warm, hard rod and slides it into Stanley's tight rear, feeling it squeeze his dick as he goes to work on Stanley, giving him a good hard fucking!


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