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Gay porn sites and producers are always falling all over themselves to provide us with hot, new guys and fresh, sweaty scenes to keep our dicks hard. Sometimes we forget that digging through the archives can snag us some hot vintage porn. COLT Studio Group has been making gay porn for several decades now, and this scene starring Cole Carpenter, Pierce Daniels, Cory Monroe and Chris Thompson takes us way back to the days when men looked like men with mustaches, bushy eyebrows, and hairy chests.

Handsome Cole Carpenter is winding down the day at the office; he's listening to his fuck buddy, macho Pierce Daniels, leaving a sexy message inviting him over to watch a hot new video. When Pierce arrives, he quickly plugs in a VCR cassette (those were the things we old people used to watch our gay porn instead of iPods and DVDs) and two mechanics, Chris Thompson and Cory Monroe, are getting it on.

As these two younger guys fuck on the television, Cole and Pierce start duplicating the action they're watching. This sexy blond sits back and lets his hairy buddy suck his cock before they get into some hot fucking. Take a look at COLT and you'll find some pretty hot stuff - vintage classics that every gay man should see at least once.

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