Vinnie D'Angelo and Logan McCree

It's been a long time coming, and Butch Dixon has been teasing us for a couple of months now, but finally, Logan McCree and Vinnie D'Angelo's suck and fuck video has arrived. And was it worth the wait! These two real-life lovers play in an erotic massage scene: Vinnie D'Angelo comes to Logan McCree's massage studio to get some tightness worked out of his lower back and butt. The scene opens with a long, sensual massage with Logan working the kinks out of Vinnie's back. Vinnie shameless grabs Logan's cock, which is stiffening in his loose-fitting track pants. Logan strips out of his gear and straddles Vinnie's ass on the massage table. With his stiff cock sliding between Vinnie's firm butt cheeks, Logan continues working on Vinnie's back. But eventually, Logan resist loosening up Vinnie's fuck hole with his stiff cock. He fucks Vinnie at a leisurely pace before offering up his own hairy butt hole. Vinnie eagerly takes over and pumps Logan slowly, but forcefully. The men cum within seconds of one another, both dumping their loads all over Logan's tattoos. I've been waiting a while to see these two hot men fuck again; Butch Dixon sure made it all worth while.

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