Vinnie D'Angelo Collection

Hot House Entertainment continues its tribute series with the Vinnie D'Angelo Collection. (That's where the San Francisco-based studio asks some of its former studly models to pick their favorite scenes for a retrospective DVD.) Previous collections have spotlighted Matt Cole and Ross Hurston. This time out, the lucky winner is muscleman D'Angelo, who started in the industry in 2006 and worked for numerous studios. (Though we remember him for his relationship with tattooed love boy Logan McCree. The pair met while filming Raging Stallion's excellent The Drifter in 2008, and the rest is history.) Vinnie hand-selected six of the top scenes he did for Hot House (all directed by Steven Scarborough), and these are from some of the company's best titles. From the pools of Palm Springs in Trunks 3 (a threeway with Adriano Marquez and Marco Paris) and Trunks 4: White Heat (pounding Nick Marino) to the examining room of Paging Dr. Finger (Jake Dakota bottoming out), D'Angelo shows off his buff hairy bod and his übermasculinity. Maybe it's time for a comeback!? Also featuring Nick Piston, Tyler Riggz, Jay Armstrong, Dominic Sol and Matthew Ford.

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