We all know the tale of Jett Black. He's the twink ballet dancer who had a brief foray into gay porn, debuting for Cocky Boys last March. But then Black was let go by his ballet school and defected from Cocky Boys to Lucas Entertainment (with or without some of Cocky Boy's company secrets, depending on who you believe). Now, the Village Voice is telling the story behind the story in a new piece. The weekly newspaper reveals the details of a deeper riff within the company and an ongoing rivalry with Lucas Entertainment. NYC porn producers are few and far between (with most of the industry operating out of Los Angeles and San Francisco), so the fact that these two major studios are competing is not surprising. But to have a young model (Black is only 23) come on the scene and cause such a commotion is.

In the excellent story, "The Island of Misfit Boys," writer Tessa Stuart interviews both Black and Cocky Boy's founder Jake Jaxson. While their accounts of exactly what happened to make their working relationship sour differ, they both agree that a lot of drama ensued. Exclusive Jake Bass is also quoted about last year's Grabby Awards (at which Cocky Boys won in numerous categories), saying "shit went down" that night. "Basically, everyone was done. We were ready to stop working for Cocky Boys."

Oh well, at least Jaxson is making the best of a bad situation by creating a new multiple-episode mini- series inspired by the incident with Black. Answered Prayers debuts this week at the Cocky Boys site. To read the full piece, click here.


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