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Aces has had a dream about being in porn and Dirty Tony loves making dreams come true, so he set this very tattooed dude up with a solo jerk-off session. This heavily inked stud won $15,000 playing Texas Hold-em and the ace of spades is the card that won his pot, hence the nickname Aces. He's a bit of an oxymoron because seeing him clothed, he looks pretty clean-cut, even still a little boyish in the face. Hearing him talk, he's even a little geeky.

But then the clothes come off, Aces reveals a strong, ripped body and he's almost completely covered with tattoos, both front and back. Dirty Tony takes some time to give us a tour of all of Aces ink and he explains what some of the tats mean. Then he settles back on the bed and starts jerking his cock.

He's got a nice cock - not too big and certainly not too small, and even a little thick. I'm fascinated watching his inked knuckles sliding up and down his hard shaft. He stands and shows us his rear view and he's got a cute bubble butt. His ass cheeks tighten as he thrusts his cock forward into his greased fist. Then he lies back on the bed and starts stroking with intention. He's breathing softly and you can tell he's getting close to cumming. He sails a river of creamy, white jizz all over Dirty Tony's bed with no regard for the bedspread. When a guy's gotta cum, he just shoots - fuck the sheets! And the bed is covered with Aces spunk. As the camera pans out, Aces scoops up some of his load in his fingers and gives it a taste. God, I love it when a guy does that.

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